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About SE Intellect

We are instrumental in offering Internet Marketing services to the big and small organizations. Businesses that do not have deep pockets can avail our assistance to surge ahead of competition. We consistently excel in the endeavor to exceed the expectations of the customers no matter what the domain interest is. One of the most important aspects of our services is that it second to none in terms of quality and promptness.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With You

Since inception, we have been providing high quality Internet Marketing services to both enterprises and personal clients. Out team collaborates at every step of the every project to ensure that the timelines are met according to the requirements and specifications of the customers.

The company delivers services to the enterprises to boost their business. Each component of the website is optimized to enhance the search engine rankings. If you have a legacy website, our experts examine the various aspects of the page right from landing to the home versions. They can fix the navigation issue if any to facilitate easier search of information. We play an important role in transforming the fortunes of the clients.

Our Company doesn’t act as vendor but is a partner with clients in leveraging the technical strength in bolstering the business. Our primary motive is to propel the company on the path of sustained growth. We comprehend the strategy of the rivals and identify ways to stay ahead of them. In fact, SE Intellect Technologies is not only a Digital Marketing Company in Bareilly but also acts as a round the clock assistant to resolve queries and upgrade the application. Our duty doesn’t end up with website hosting but we make sure that it ranks at the top and becomes popular among the niche audiences.


Why Choose Us?

We offer one stop solution to the client belonging to different niche categories. Our developers are extremely talented and skilled to implement not only technology but also effective SEO strategy.

360 degree view of the project including the focus on metrics based on quality and cost. In spite of executing complex tasks, our service price is surprisingly low. In fact, we cater to the diverse range of clients, right from a start up to an established firm.

Complete transparency in delivering services make us the better than the best. While undertaking digital marketing, our team shares daily report of the website rankings with the clients to determine the efficacy of the strategy. If the results do not conform to the requirements, we modify the plan to pursue the objective more vigorously.

SE Intellect Technologies relentlessly works to improve the visibility of the website by following the industry best practices. Every milestone is completed within the designated time frame however repeat analysis is also conducted to eliminate the shortcomings if any.

We believe that the customer is the king and the same philosophy is reflected in the services we deliver. Rather than proceeding with the customers first up, we listen to their issues in detail. Our experts prepare a detailed list of opportunities and threats before embarking on the design process.

SE Intellect Technologies Bareilly not only delivers what the clients want but also educate them about the importance of every step taken. Through sheer determination and perseverance, our team delivers impressive ROI to the clients. In spite of spending a fraction of the advertising budget, they can reap rich rewards by extending the client base irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

Strict quality control mechanism is used at every phase of the project. It helps to lower the cost and makes the marketing process more effective. Our expertise in developing back links is legendary and has a significant fan following among the clients.

Our Values

Assign all the worries and anxieties to us and watch how we can make a mice meat of them.


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