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be a professional graphic designer

It is said an eye for good design can’t be taught. Still, most professional graphic designers have attended design school or courses available online.

You see ads, billboards, visit websites, movies or games everywhere the designer’s work is involved. Many people dream of having a career in the creative industry.

Graphic designing and video editing is a dream job made up of flexibility, fun, and overflowing with creativity. Also, you have various career opportunities available as a graphic designer. 

We will be discussing in detail who graphic designers are, what they do, various career opportunities associated with this, and the courses available for you to become a professional graphic designer.

In the end, we will be discussing various job opportunities that are available as a graphic designer.

Who is a professional graphic designer? And what do they create?

An artist who designs art in electronic media and print is a graphic designer such as television graphics, websites, logos, magazines, etc. They create visual concepts using computer software to convey information using photos and art to inspire or inform the consumers. 

Graphic designers create:

  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Illustrations & clip-art
  • Product packaging and labels
  • Apparel design books, magazines, catalogues, newspapers
  • Marketing materials: flyers, brochures, postcards, one-sheets, posters
  • Visual identity such as brand guides, business cards, logos, letterhead,

Be Your Boss or Work For Others

Stories were different in the past. Nowadays, there is various software available in the market which you can use to create your art.

You can learn CANVA, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, GIMP, FilmoraX, etc., online and start drawing your art. SE Intellect can help you learn this software. 

You can work in various sectors such as advertising, media, industrial design, packaging, and other sectors. You can start your online classes.

Some of the most popular Job Roles for Graphic Designers have been listed below

  • Video Editor
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Art Director
  • Industrial Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Web Designer
  • Professional Video Editor and Its Role

Let’s explore the profile of each of them in short :

Video Editor

is a person who organizes the clips into one cohesive unit by using computer software. They are responsible for adding appropriate graphics or sound and also for reviewing audio and video footage.

The video editor is responsible for graphics within the video, including basic animation and text. They are also responsible for ambient audio, music, and spoken dialogue.

They work for the content marketing agency, self-employed individuals, news broadcast stations to create entertainment and educational content. Keeping the director’s vision in mind, their job is to edit the video.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designer creates animation and visual effects for movies, television, or other forms of media using computer animation or moulding programs. They are responsible for designing sets, costumes, and props.

The multimedia designer also advises on technical production such as sound and lighting so that the production set resembles their design. They use certain sound, art, and design skills to create audio, video, or animated images.

The multimedia designer job requires creativity and imagination combined with certain technical skills.

Logo Designer

A logo designer designs a logo to represent a company, organization, product, agency, or service. It is a graphically designed symbol or sketches arranged uniquely.

 It is not just a symbol but a brand identity of a company or product. In order to appear modern and innovative, companies spend a lot of money implementing and updating the logo. 

Art Director

A creative team usually consists of photographers, copyrights, production staff, artists, and graphic designers. The art director’s work is to look after the creative team to complete their work on time and to the clients’ satisfaction.

To meet the available budget’s objective or create the desired impact, they work closely with their employees or clients.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers design the products with the help of business and engineering used by people in day-to-day life. They consider the production cost, aesthetics, and usability of the product while developing a new concept.

Layout Artist

Layout artists design the layout and structure of the text and image in the most pleasing format. It always directs the reader in the right flow or direction. They are also responsible for arranging the image in a way that it should look pleasant.

It includes flyers, books, CD booklets, magazine work, etc. They should also ensure that the typeface chosen by them is good for the long run.

Web Designer

The most important role of a web designer is to design and create a website. They also decide which content to include on the web page and where to place the navigation, content, graphics, etc.

They also develop and design the structure and navigation of the site. For becoming a web designer, certain skills and training are required in graphics design, computer graphics, and the latest computer and internet technology.

Software that you need to learn for joining the tribe of Graphic designers:


Canva is a free graphic designing platform. It is very easy to use as its features and functions are very user-friendly. With the help of its tool, you can easily create a business card, lesson plan, invitations, and many more.

Canva doesn’t require any extensive photo editing knowledge and experience. Its drag and drop interface makes it easy and simple. You can easily learn Canva through some youtube tutorials

Its template categories include Instagram posts, resumes, invitations, business cards, infographics, bookmarks, menus, letterheads, and many more. With the help of this, you can easily edit a photo. You can also create your meme, textured background, photo grid, etc. Cropping, adding textures, colour correcting, etc., can also be done through this.


Photoshop, developed by Adobe Systems for both macOS and Windows, is one of the most known and recognized photo editing software. It is a standard digital tool used in a wide variety of formats. It can be used for editing a photo or even a video.

You can import images in various file formats. You easily create and edit images with the help of multiple layers. 

The basic and advanced features of photoshop like layers, selection techniques, filters, smart objects, and much more make it the most appealing and trusted software for designing purposes.


Filmora is one of the finest video editing software solutions. It helps you in creating visually stunning videos with less effort and ease. Filmora is the best version of Filmora and also the best video editing platform.

It is used for splicing together multiple videos, leveraging effects like overlays and video editing. It also includes other video editing tools and features. One of the best things about this software is that it is available for very. So anyone can use it and learn the video editing tactics.

This new version of Filmora has many new features like audio ducking, colour matching, motion tracking, and many more. It has very easy-to-use features which help in creating videos without any difficulty. 

Using its audio editing features like audio ducking and mixing, you can make your videos more engaging. You can also split the screen and add multiple videos on both sides with its help. Green screen and colour correction are the other features offered by Filmora.

List of different courses available online to fulfil the quest of becoming a designer:

Graphic Design Basic: Core Principles for Visual Design offers many short but in-depth courses centred around graphic design.

Graphic Design Basic: Core Principles for Visual Design are best suited for those who are new to graphic design and want to start from the basics. This is a 35-minute class and will take you through the five basic principles of graphic design.

Through the course, you will learn:

  • How to critique your work after looking for balance and effectiveness.
  • Applying Zach concept to your future projects.
  • Defining and Identifying the five basic principles of design.

Advanced Graphic Design

This course focuses on how to use rhythm, pattern, and visuals in the design. You will also learn how to create your series of images, use direction, weight, scale, texture, space, etc., and image-making techniques.

All the above mention is taught by breaking down the topics into four different topics each week:

  •  Image-Making – you will learn how image functions to convey connotative and denotative messages.
  • Typography – typographic terminology and the basic rules for typography creation.
  • Color and Shape – Graphic designers use shapes and colours as the fundamental building blocks of their work. 
  • Composition – How graphic designers use visual contrasts, cropping, direction, and hierarchy with complex compositions.

Job Opportunities 

There are various job opportunities available in this field. The various sectors you can apply after grabbing the set of skills are advertising, multimedia design, web development, entertainment, or e-commerce.

You can find various job vacancies on job portals like Naukri, monster,, etc.

You need to design your CV by mentioning your skills, upload it to the respective portal, and apply for the jobs you want to join.

In this job profile, you will also find various freelance opportunities at Fiverr, Upwork, or at several Digital Marketing webmaster forums, such as  or some premium platforms such as  or Wickedfire, warrior forums, etc.

Apart from it, there are many bidding platforms where you can showcase your work and get the rightly suited job for you. The pay is attractive for the right talent.


It is a platform that allows you to advertise your skill and specify the job you want. It’s the best place for freelancers. 

Fiverr is a platform where you can connect with various businesses. Here you can find many projects related to your skill. The project which matches your skill can easily get and can earn a handsome income from your place.


Upwork is a platform where different businesses post their job requirements to attract freelancers. Here you have to find the job according to your skillset.

Apply and get the job and start earning.


There is a flood of courses all around. Graphic design is something that you can have a real sense of satisfaction and a real passion for, and one of the most exciting things about this job profile is that it gives you the freedom of doing the job from anywhere.

And as in this current pandemic, everyone wants to do a job remotely. Want to earn being at their place, then it’s the best job role. With minimum investment, you just need an internet connection and a laptop to do these courses. And once you are pro, the world is yours.

Please share your feedback or comments. Also, let us know if you are looking for any of the above courses. At SE Intellect, we provide all software-related courses you can complete in a month and start your creative journey. For more information, please visit ( contact us directly at [email protected] 

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