7 Best Online Web Development Courses With Certificates 2022

7 Best Online Web Development Courses With Certificates

In today’s time, career choice is tough. Because there are so many things, need to consider before opting for any particular career such as whether it will suit well, whether it will make happy, earnings, working hours, etc.

And web development seems to be one of the best options in comparison because its demand will continue to increase in the coming years. You also earn a handsome salary that is In India, the average minimum annual salary for a fresher is Rs.1,20,000. For an experienced developer, the annual salary is approx Rs. 8,90,000.

So I will tell you some of the best websites from where you can learn the course and be a web development expert.


Treehouse is one of the best online websites for web development. It provides interactive videos, workspaces, quizzes, and more. After completing Techdegree, you’ll have a well-rounded portfolio of projects to demonstrate your newly acquired expertise.

You can also test your knowledge with quizzes or try out subjects you’ve already mastered. Plus, use Treehouse’s interactive Workspaces to create staging environments for the code you write.

Its Tech Explorer’s Toolkit brings you free resources. Besides, Treehouse’s 100 days of code challenge lets you ace your web development game at a continued pace. Treehouse also has a vibrant and dynamic network of industry professionals.


Codeacademy believes in learning by doing. To start with your education, you should first select the course you want to skill. Each path includes lessons that begin with the basics and end with advanced practical application.

Each class includes written instructions that help you write out actual code that progresses with each lesson. It is an excellent “learn by doing” approach that one does at their own pace. They also offer Codeacademy Pro Intensives to take your learning to the next level by providing programs that will deliver job-ready outcomes.


Codewars is a popular coding challenge website where you improve your web developer skill by solving challenges in the programming language of your choice. You can also compare your solutions with others for understanding.

There are 29 languages to choose from and achieve mastery; it helps sharpen your skill and accelerate your career in a programming language.

Codewars also has a fantastic community where you can discuss best practices, innovative techniques, and more. Here training exercises are called katas, and You can even use test cases to check your progress. And once finished with higher rank kata, you will be matched with relevant challenges so that you master your specific skill set.

At Codewars, you can create your katas and challenge your community with excellent training exercises.


Udemy offers a vast 80000 online courses in different categories. Most of the courses in Udemy are chargeable, but there are also a free set of practices. The plus point of these courses is that you have unlimited access to take the class anytime at your comfort and start from where you had left.

Another essential feature is that all courses taken here in Udemy come with a completion certificate to add to your online resume. It also offers classes for beginners to advance level and high-quality learning for web development.


Coursera partnership with top universities and educational institutions like Yale, Princeton, etc., to provide the best online education. Coursera is the biggest provider of online courses. Here, you can choose not just the field and the topic but also the degree and the level of the system.

You get a free seven-day free trial, and after that, you need to pay a monthly fee to continue. And on completion of the course, you get an online certificate to attach to your resume.

W3 Schools

W3 School can be best for beginners looking to understand the basics. You can find HTML, CSS, JS, BootStrap and XML tutorials here. And each tutorial here is written in straightforward language to be understood by anyone, even those new to the coding world.

Most of the courses available here are free, but there are also paid courses for learning and training. And it also comes with certification, which you will receive only after successful completion.


Alison is another skill development platform with various courses, and web development is one of them. All the methods available here are for free and have something for everyone.

There are three levels of courses from which you can choose academic, workplace, and personal development. The web development course topics include CSS3, HTML5, JS, Angular, Node, etc. And to make these courses more interactive, it is present in primarily audio-video classes.

Students need to pass the assessment to complete the course and ask for the certificate, but for which you need to pay.


A web developer is one of the most demanding and high-paying jobs of the time. And can work independently from anywhere by being at your place. It brings out and also develops creativity. So to have a remarkable career as a web developer, you need to enrol on any of these websites.

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