A Career in Digital Marketing: Ultimate Guide for Graduates and Postgraduates

Life is full of changes and challenges. If you are someone who has just finished college, then you must have realized that things are no longer as simple as bunking the class or making a proxy. It is very difficult for fresh graduates and postgraduates to hit the snooze button in the alarm and laze around. It is the time when you need to prioritize things. You need to recognize and focus on your skill sets because you’re ready to venture into the professional market.

Suppose you have just finished their graduation and post-graduation and are confused about what to do next, which career option to opt for as a plethora of career options are available and facing certain challenges due to pandemics. In that case, this article is for you. 

I will be discussing the challenges and will provide you with the solutions for the same. These solutions will require less technical knowledge and a lesser learning period, and most of those courses are available free online. Keep reading.

Before moving to challenges, let’s quickly have a look at,

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of promoting products or services with the help of digital devices or services. In digital marketing, marketers promote their campaigns on emails, search engines, social media platforms, mobile apps, etc. As we all know, in the last few decades, businesses have changed completely. Thanks to smartphones, the internet, or other innovation, products and services have become more accessible to consumers.

Why Career in Digital Marketing in India?

Digital marketing has immersed itself in almost every corner of our lives, and it’s not going anywhere. While browsing online, we are exposed to an ocean of contents that we consume in the form of video, gifs, memes, and so on. It would be best if you opted for digital marketing because there is a huge budget going into it compared to traditional marketing. Most of the online activity starts with search engines and ensures the continued effectiveness of SEO as a superior marketing strategy.

The internet has sensationally taken over the market and shifted people’s focus from spending prolonged hours in front of the TV for their favourite show to streaming it on a mobile device. And shows and advertisements go hand in hand. As the focus shifted, marketers also moved away from traditional forms of advertising to advertising in the digital space. Marketers use advertising to influence the consumer, bring in their product to people, attract more customers and expand their base. Now, since the internet is on the boom, the demand for digital marketing has increased like anything.

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Challenges faced by students, graduates, and postgraduates

Challenges faced by students Career in Digital Marketing

Students, Graduated, and Postgraduates are facing tough challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Financial problems have also come up with the pandemic, which has brought their education in danger. It was never easy for graduates and postgraduates students to move further for higher education as others are moving into the workforce. Still, due to the repercussions of coronavirus, it has become much harder.

●      Managing Finances

The widespread lockdown effect has inevitably brought global recession across the world. Shutting down some major industries has made things more complex and harder for the students, graduates, and postgraduates. Students have always managed their finances as they lack time and lack experience to work a full-time job.

●      Skill not relevant to industries

The skill taught in universities is still not up to the requirements of the 21st century. Several surveys indicate a large skill gap in India. According to vision 2030, some disciplines such as IT report 75%, Banking and Finance report 50%, and Manufacturing sector report 55% skill gap. Furthermore, the National Association of Services and Software companies reported that only 10-15% of graduates are employable according to current market skills and trends out of three million graduates who pass every year.

●      Career transformation because of job niche

One of the biggest and difficult decisions of life is to decide on a career path. It should always be based on seeing the market trend, your interest, and your innovation in mind. You (Graduates and Postgraduates) are forced to change your career paths because of the lack of counselling in most educational institutions, outdated and fewer skills than the market demands. To keep up with the modern world, you do need to have the necessary skill set. As advancement in technology has brought a rapid shift in the traditional job culture.

●      A feeling of being unemployed

Educated people are unemployed, which brings a feeling of personal failure, shame, and depression. You are also worried about the treatment of people and society around you, of being unemployed. It is a very hard and difficult time to cope up with it. The unemployment rate in India is 7.34% in 2020.

Steps to follow to overcome the challenges and make career in digital marketing:

One of the best solutions to all the above challenges in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is one of the hottest industries of today. Its scope is increasing day by day. New enterprises are focusing more on digital marketing because of its tremendous benefits. There is no doubt that students can also benefit from this. You need a set of skills and roles required to cut through the competition. It has become a very lucrative option as the demand for digital marketers is increasing.

Companies are trying to engage customers by using the immense power of the internet, for which they have to employ several people in different roles with a specific skill set. A career in digital marketing is quite creative and versatile. 

So here are some of the skills that can help get work from home jobs in this pandemic. These programs are affordable and can be learned at their own pace and within their comfort level.

●      Email Marketing

Email marketing promotes a special offer, a new product release, a webinar, or an ebook. It is the most profitable direct marketing channel. 

Here are some free email marketing courses available online from where you can get access and learn free in your own space of time.

  • Wishpond Email marketing master class for beginners
  • Email marketing certification course by Hubspot
  • Email marketing master class by Udemy, and many more

The industries you can apply are Hospitality Industry, Retail, Wedding Industry, Luxury Brands, etc.

●      Web Design and Development

Web design and development is the process of creating a website. It involves two major skill sets:- web design which determines the feel and looks of the website, and web development determines how it functions.

Courses you can go for free are:

  • Diploma in Web Designing
  • Codecademy
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Ultimate Web design course offered by WebFlow university

A web developer/designer can earn three lakhs to 6 lakhs a year.

You can try your luck in – Advertising, Media agencies, Software companies, Businesses, Freelancing, Educational institutes, Publishing houses, Audio Video media companies, and many more.

●      Video and Audio production

It is an introduction and overview of the visual and audio media world. In this, you have to learn the fundamentals of audio and video production using professional equipment.

Free online courses available to boost your skill are:

  • Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for beginners by Skillshare
  • Creative Editing Video Course by Udemy
  • Music Production Specialization by Coursera

You can apply in the entertainment industry.

●      Content Management and Curation

Content management and curation is the process of gathering relevant information for a particular topic. Curating content saves time and keeps your social media page active and engaging.

A content writer can earn 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs in a year.

The industry recruits content writers for different types of job roles in digital marketing agencies such as blog writing, SEO Marketing, Email Marketing campaigns.

●      Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about using software to automate marketing activities. To provide a more personalized experience to their customers, some marketing departments automate repetitive tasks such as social media posting, email marketing, ad posting, etc.

Free courses available online are:

  • Free Training at Hubspot Academy
  • Free Training by Marketo and many more

The average salary of a marketing automation manager with less than one year of experience is Rs4 lakhs per year.

●      E-commerce

Buying and selling goods/services online is called E-commerce. E-commerce is a great field to get started. Even as a beginner, you can get into it as all tools and resources are laid out for you. You can easily make money from an e-commerce website. You need to select a proper product, marketing, and niche.

The best e-commerce courses you can pursue and can get certified in are:

  • Ecommerce Marketing Course by Hubspot
  • How to get Business Online by Google 
  • Ecommerce Essentials by SkillShare, etc

Freelance as a career

One of the best things about digital marketing is that you don’t have to be an in-house resource to work. You can work as a freelancer or remotely. If you have the skills or the experience, you can negotiate and get your desired salary in the field. It is one of the best options in a current pandemic. You need to have a certain skill set, good internet bandwidth, and a laptop.

Virtual Assistant

It is a good option when many people are looking for a career in digital marketing.

Virtual assistants work with companies and clients from remote locations and provide support in daily business for a fee. Virtual assistants are hired by small businesses, start-ups, to big multinationals.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a versatile choice for making a career in digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate can earn commission by marketing a person’s or company’s product. It offers a flexible approach and a cost-effective method to promote your brand and generate new leads.

There are many affiliate programs available online which you can join and earn a handsome income.

Programs like:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Bluehost
  • Cj Affiliate and many more


Digital marketing training is beneficial for students in many ways. You can’t be successful in business without learning digital marketing. It is the need of today. Its demand is increasing day by day. Therefore, no doubt, having these skills will bring better jobs in the future. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best and makes the most of your life with it.

The digital marketing field is very creative. It provides an opportunity for many creative people. These are jobs in designing, writing, and audio and video production. There are also fields like solving problems, developing marketing strategies, and engaging an audience in some other fields that require creativity.

You need to play your cards right as a career in digital marketing is highly lucrative. You always have room to improve if you are choosing a career in digital marketing. You need to aim high and keep your learning spirit active.

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