Digital Entrepreneurship in 2022 – Digital Marketing be the Medium.

Learn all you need to know about Digital Entrepreneurship – Free Courses to learn Digital Marketing, Benefits, and Business opportunities in 2022

An entrepreneur is an individual who takes up the challenges of creating something new and markets it to the world at large. They are usually concerned with the creativity, designing, implementation, and initiation of a new business venture.

Do you want to be your boss with zero investment cost? 

Looking for monetary benefits but no professional knowledge?

Or want to earn while you learn? 

If you are looking for an answer, you have come to the right place.

The solution has varied career options, less time-consuming, zero investment, endless opportunities, and handsome earnings. Keep reading.

Have you heard of Digital Entrepreneurship?

If not, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss it. I’ll be explaining to you the definition, what it is and why it is necessary. Its benefits and free courses are available.

I will tell you the options which require no previous knowledge and from which you can become a successful Digital Entrepreneurship.

The present world is changing drastically in the field of information and communication technologies.

The rapid increase of digital technologies transforming the competitive environment, structure, procedure, and general business strategies.

Digital Technology creates many challenges. But it also creates mass employment opportunities. 

It is advised to take over digital entrepreneurship and gain an appropriate position to remove the hurdles and face these challenges.

Now that I have mentioned Digital Entrepreneurship let’s discuss what Digital Entrepreneurship is.

Digital entrepreneurship is creating new ventures with the help of digital technology such as email marketing, content marketing, etc.

Or, when you transform an existing business using such technology, it comes under digital entrepreneurship.

Few examples of digital entrepreneurship are:

  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Domain or Website seller
  • Online Teaching
  • Blogs
  • Youtube channel
  • Logo Business

 Why Digital Entrepreneurship?

Making extra income by working from anywhere in the world is something that excites anyone. Isn’t it?

And this can happen through digital entrepreneurship. As in today’s time, we don’t need to be physically present to buy the product.

There are many other reasons why you should opt for digital entrepreneurship.

Carry on Parallel with your Studies

 You can even start your digital business while you are studying or in parallel to your current profession.

●  No previous knowledge is required.

There is no requirement for professional knowledge for starting a digital business. Neither have to go with any selection procedure.

●  No Infrastructure required

No physical infrastructure is required to start your business. You can start from anywhere in the world.

●  Wider Acceptance

Consumers are no longer resistant to digital products and online transactions. Now many of them prefer digital products to traditional means.

We have discussed the importance and need of digital marketing now;

let us move ahead and have a look at the list of Digital Entrepreneurship courses available for free:

Free Digital Marketing Courses available online:

Want to improve your online marketing knowledge and want your business to grow? Learn how to use digital platforms and tools. 

Following is the list of free digital marketing courses that will help you understand how digital marketing techniques can transform your business.

Google Skillshop

Google Skillshop offers easy-to-browse lessons for both beginners and advanced users. Google Skillshop is a great learning platform for those interested in learning all the ins and outs of paid advertising.

Many small and medium-sized companies struggle to manage their paid advertising campaigns that are affordable and generate desired results. If you are one of them, take advantage of Google Ads by Google Skillshop.

●  Hubspot Marketing Courses

There are several opportunities available to grow your business using a digital platform. Hubspot offers many free courses, from marketing automation and lead generation to content marketing and social media management.

It offers detailed lectures through short videos and text. And to determine how much knowledge you have gained, it offers a test at the end of every course. The certificate is also given if you perform well in the final exam.

Some popular courses of Hubspot are:

  • Email Marketing Certification
  • Content Marketing Certification
  • Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Marketing Software Certification

●  Social Media Quickstarter

To learn how you should use social media to grow your business, Social Media Quickstarter is the course you need. It provides step-by-step guidance in a very systematic way in one place.

It would be best to go through the lessons available at Social Media Quickstarter to master digital media strategies for online listing, blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Social Media Quickstarter is designed in a manner that you can understand the course without any additional assistance. It complies with real-time examples, and ‘how-to guide lessons make it a pleasure to learn.

●  Alison Diploma in E-Business

Alison is where entrepreneurs, students, and professionals can learn how email marketing, social media, and other online marketing channels can brand awareness, promote business and help business owners to reach a wider audience.

If you want to learn and build a professional marketing strategy without spending any money, Alison Diploma E-business is the best option.

It helps optimize your digital marketing skills like Search engine optimization, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry where technology and techniques change very rapidly. So, it is important to keep your marketing knowledge updated to capitalize on emerging tactics and technologies.

By now, you have all the ideas about what digital entrepreneurship is, why it is important, its benefits, and a list of courses that you can pursue.

Business Opportunities In Digital Entrepreneurship

Let’s move on to the various business options that you have after the courses are done.

To become digital entrepreneurship, you need to have some digital skills.

Depending on your interest, a skill you have, keeping an eye on the trend, you can choose one of the given courses and flourish your career as a digital entrepreneur.

●  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money while promoting other products or services. You get a commission every time the product/service is sold.

Various free courses are available online on Affiliate Marketing.

In this course, you will learn an overview of Affiliate Marketing techniques. And this technique you can implement in your services and encourage publishers and bloggers to make sales based on some fixed or flexible commission.

It helps you as an extra source of income. You have to spend half an hour a day and can earn a handsome income.

●  Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing

In Email marketing, a message or information is sent to a group of people by using Email. These campaigns can inform about a product launch or an advertisement, about a free/paid session, an ebook, etc.

Email marketing includes template design and bulk email. Digital Entrepreneurs can learn the template design, its effect, and the requirement of effective design.

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy where we try to reach customers on their smartphones, tablets, or any other related device.

68% of email campaigns are viewed on mobile. 

You can start your business through mobile, for which, first of all, you need to make your mobile site friendly. You need to check that menus and content are displayed well for the user as they don’t have a large screen like laptops or computers.

It can be done easily by using WordPress. After that, you need content for your product or services to upload. You can also create your brand through mobile ads, which can run through social media and other channels. Which helps you in achieving your sales.

●  SEO for a Web Designer

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation helps in higher ranking by enhancing your website.

In this, you will learn the profitable business keywords used by the clients every day. 

There are many online free courses available such as Ultimate Web Design Course by WebFlow University, Introduction to Responsive Web Design-HTML & CSS tutorial by free code camp, and many more.

You can take these free courses and start your business as an SEO for a web designer. 

In today’s world, everyone wants their business to be online, so there is a huge demand for this. 

You can contact schools, colleges, restaurants, or even a retail shop to design their website and take care of SEO and earn handsome income. 

●  E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the Buying and selling goods and services online via the internet and the transfer of money and data simultaneously.

For example, platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc., are where people buy the product of their choice and make the payment for the same.

For e-commerce, you need to have your website and ask the retailers to sell their products through your website.

●  Youtube

Youtube is a free online video-sharing platform.

In today’s time, everyone is familiar with youtube. You can easily earn from youtube.

Earning from the youtube channel is very easy. You need to create your youtube account and decide the product or services you will be talking about that product or service.

And once your youtube channel is popular, you can easily earn from there.

Monetising a youtube channel does not require a million subscribers, nor does it depend on the number of views. It solely depends on the level of engagement you generate. 

There are several options available to earn from youtube. Such as working with a brand as an influencer, becoming a youtube partner, earning from ads, letting the audience support your work through ‘fan funding’, and many more.

●  Blogging

Blogging means giving a clear idea about any product or service. It can be monetized by selling your ad space directly to an advertising company or working with an advertising network. 

You can also earn a commission by promoting other products and services or by selling a product that customers can buy directly from you.

The Benefits of Digital Entrepreneurship

Following are the benefits of digital entrepreneurship-

Flexible Working Hours

At the beginning of the business, you have to work hard to conquer your space. Especially if you are managing alone, it doesn’t mean you have to work the whole day. You can work according to your comfort.

Cost Saving

In this, you only need a laptop and an internet connection. In this, you save a lot by not having to lease a space for your company and other expenses like taxes, utilities, etc.

Spend more time With your Family

You can do this business from being at home with your family members.

Reaching more people

It is the best way to reach more people globally.


Digital entrepreneurship helps you in giving an edge over the other marketing channels. You can start your business just after gaining a relevant skill.

There is certain knowledge you will gain only after doing no matter how much you prepare. New world, new technology, and new entrepreneurship. It will continue to change in the coming years. To survive, you need to adopt new trends.

Most importantly, it helps you in becoming digitally savvy.

Please let us know your feedback or queries in the comment section. Alternatively, in case of any digital marketing assistance, you can also visit our website ( or contact us directly at [email protected]

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