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The Digital Marketing Manager is the one who is responsible for planning, marketing, managing, and implementing overall marketing strategies. They are the person who works under Digital Marketing Director.

Employment opportunity in digital marketing sector continues to grow as companies are shifting to online marketing platform.

So If you have online marketing skills and are looking for a digital marketing job, this profile may be the best career option you can opt for.

This article will tell you about digital marketing managers- Roles and Responsibilities as well as skills you need to have.                                                                                                       

Who is a Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is responsible for managing all the marketing campaigns and team professionals in the marketing department.

Also, identifying and accessing the appropriate marketplace for the company’s product and services.

As this is a managerial job, leadership and good communication skills are a must-have by other skills.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

Digital Marketing Manager’s role is not only to drive traffic to the website but more than that. They have worked with various team professionals like email marketing specialists, content marketers, editors, etc., to meet the desired goals.

The role and responsibility of a Digital Marketing Manager are very vast, and it varies from company to company. However, there are some common responsibilities that Digital Marketing Manager has to handle.

Let’s have a look:

  • Generate monthly report on digital marketing portfolio to analyze and have deep knowledge related to performance. Decide what further measures should be taken for more profitable results
  • Evaluate and compare the digital marketing strategies and success ratio of competitors to overtake them
  • Always work towards improving the customer engagement on the company’s website by engaging content, usability, and responsive design
  • Taking care of digital marketing components such as web, SEM, SMM, SEO, content marketing, etc
  • Make and implement different strategies to improving digital marketing
  • Research new online media opportunities that may benefit the business, including social media, mobile, forums, etc
  • To create suitable content work with the content marketing and design team
  • Please review the content and design of all online digital marketing platforms like websites, social media pages, etc. to make them more effective
  • Also, plan and control the digital marketing budget
  • Analyze website traffic and improve SEO
  • Assist with paid media
  • To make improvements in generating traffic and website performance uses web analytical software
  • Conduct keyword searches for improving traffic 

Must have Skills for Digital Marketing Manager

 The list of most important skills that a Digital Marketing Manager should have to survive are as follows:

Paid Social Media Advertising

 Advertising through various online digital mediums gives no security whether customers will watch your content or not that’s why paid media came into the picture. 

Facebook is the first to start this, and because of its positive results, it is gaining popularity. So there is a certain skill that digital marketing managers need to have a grip on social media advertising:

  • Skills to utilize “Facebook’s Analytics Tool.” 
  • Test and analyze the imaginative picture
  • Know how to handle “Look-alike” prospects
  • Skills to use “Power Editor.”
  • Effectively targeting the Custom groups of audiences

Skill to Analyze Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is all about targeting the interested audience, open rates, bounce rates, and conversion. Despite being one of the most effective ways of marketing, it is not being used by most businesses. 

Through email marketing, you can get a good conversion rate as there are customers who already subscribed to a list means they are more likely to buy the products and services than any other potential customers. You need to send an email with appropriate content in the right way.

Skill to execute and evaluate SEO

There are two parts of SEO: Organic Search Engine optimization and the other is Pay Per Click advertising using Google AdWords. 

Per Pay Click is essential to come on the first page of search engine results. Knowledge of SEO helps in traffic driving which may result in more conversion.

Knowledge of tools important

There are many tools available that can benefit Digital Marketing Manager, such as:

  • Tweetdeck
  • Facebook Insights
  • Google Analytics 
  • Canva
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer

Skill to Analyse Data

Data Analysis is an important skill to have in Digital Marketing Manager. By analyzing data about the campaign, customers, marketers give an idea about how the campaign has been, the customer’s actual requirement, and how to increase profit.

Knowledge of Social Media Marketing

People spend more of their time on different social media platforms. So Digital Marketing Manager needs to understand all the social media platforms properly and also how they work. It will help them find their target customers, and according they can make decisions about branding, tone, content, and scheduling.

And also, this is not a one-time process for being successful; they have to be consistent.

Content Marketing 

Content is the base of all marketing strategies as it helps in customer engagement, traffic driving, maximize conversion and sales. Therefore Digital Marketing Manager needs to know the right content for their website, social media accounts, or any marketing channels.

Content marketing includes articles, blogs, infographics, etc., that can be used according to their target customer and get the desired result.

Visual Advertising Skill

There are times when visual advertising plays a more significant impact than compare to text advertising. You can take the example of Facebook, which shows more customer engagement than the text content.

Many other platforms are available where visual ads through pictures and photos have impacted extremely high. So it is also an important skill for Digital Marketing Manager.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is also a vital skill for Digital Marketing Manager as it helps them understand what other people are thinking. It will help you know why they buy or don’t buy your product or services. 

In the absence of this skill, you may miss out on some business opportunities.


Digital Marketing Manager is the person responsible for all online marketing efforts. They need to know how each online social media platform works and also how they complement each other. 

Digital Marketing strategy is essential for any company’s success; therefore, the Digital Marketing Manager’s role is crucial for achieving any business goals and objectives.

So if you have relevant experience in digital marketing and a good knowledge of the skills mentioned above, you can apply for this job and move ahead in your career.

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