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The Internet and digital media have taken over every sector by storm. And the education sector is no exception to Digital Transformation. The sector comprises establishments that provide education and training on a variety of subjects.

These establishments are schools, colleges, universities, training centres, coaching centres, institutes, etc. The growing use of the Internet and digitalization has influenced all the establishments in their way.

Today in this article, I’ll explain how the traditional teaching method has been impacted after the Covid 19 outbreak.

And how digital marketing extended its support and came to the rescue of schools, colleges, universities, private tutors, coaching centres.

Challenges occurred during the outbreak and how digital marketing solutions are helping them overcome.

Digital Marketing solutions are the professional services that help market or advertise your online presence through search, social media, or paid promotions.

Let’s discuss the challenges faced by schools and colleges due to Digital Transformation in Education System.

Challenges faced by schools and Colleges

Education is in crisis at the moment as school/college campuses are still closed since 2020. Teachers/professors have been forced to cancel classes and close schools due to the growing coronavirus outbreak.

They are forced to adopt a new method of passing on valuable knowledge.

A whole set of things that we never thought would be necessary for the education sector. They are now being executed digitally, which has brought a set of challenges such as:

The Infrastructure, Both schools and students have a lack of resources. Most schools do not have the IT infrastructure to support large-scale eBooks and digital curriculum distribution.

Content curation  Digital transformation of learning is not only limited to converting existing content and books to digital formats. In order to have its full effect, it should be accompanied by dynamic and interactive curated content. And this curated content consumes time and effort, which increases the implementation cost.

Resistance to change  The teachers, students, and parents all are stuck in old ways of learning. The challenge lies in trying to get them to adopt digital ways of learning.

Here’s how Digital Media solutions mitigate the challenges

Digital education is not about videos of lectures on blackboards by teachers on the Internet. It is about appropriate technology, tools, interactivity, curation, content, and a lot more.

There was no immediate remedy for this unwanted outbreak. The outbreak forced most schools to take the initiative through Information and Communication Technology(ICT). 

Online education became a pedagogical shift from the traditional approach to the modern approach of teaching.

Learning has shifted from class to Zoom, personal to virtual, and seminars to webinars.

  • Schools/Colleges started conducting their online classes through Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Go to Meeting, etc. 
  • There has also been a significant surge in apps like language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, etc.
  • Various online learning software like W School Management ERP, My Class Campus, etc., has also come into play, leading the schools to depend on digital marketing suddenly. 
  • you can also create app for the same.

Challenges faced by Universities

The outbreak led to a massive disruption of learning. An entire year of learning was interrupted.

Universities were forced to shift from traditional to digital. 

Some courses require practicals that were disrupted heavily.

Physical demonstration of concept through industry visits and laboratory training were affected deeply.

Physical examinations were not possible and were due.

Recruitment and retention of students have also become an area of deep concern.

Solutions offered by Digital media to control the situation

The pandemic is not going away anytime soon. In such a situation, there is an urgent need for a fresh approach to teaching models.

Universities can provide interactive and accessible content through the help of various learning management systems. We have various learning management software available in India.

Some of them are TalentLMSHRMantraMyClassCampusUPSIDE LMSWiZDOM LMS, etc.

  • Universities can provide effective digital media platforms that support virtual learning.
  • Email, WhatsApp, Zoom, Blackboard, Facetime are some software and applications that allow tele and video conferencing facilities. 
  • Digital Transformation is also taking care of Student recruitment and retention. Customer relationship management software and data analytics to help universities gain an edge. Some of the popular CRMs are PipeLiner, FreshWork, Keep, EngageBay, Hubspot, etc.
  • The College recruitment tactics have to shift from traditional marketing like direct mail, brochures, etc., to more interactive content marketing strategies like social media and mobile apps. Digital technologies are showing more conversion rates and strong engagement.

Challenges faced by Coaching Centres/Institutes

The outbreak of coronavirus has influenced almost every business in the country. The offline coaching industry has also seen a great alteration in these tough times.

Here are some of the questions that arose during the pandemic:

  • How to cope up with huge revenue loss?
  • Where and how to promote their coaching centre as there was a complete lockdown?
  • How to enhance their business opportunity?
  • How to sustain itself as it has a very competitive market?


A one-stop solution to the above questions is Digital Media Solutions.

There are several benefits of using various tactics of digital marketing. Some of these are:

  • It can create an online branding reputation and increases the online visibility of your coaching classes.
  • It will help you in growing the social networks for the coaching classes.
  • You will be able to drive more traffic to your websites and attract more candidates online.
  • You can easily reach your clients online.
  • Your websites will start ranking on the top list of famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Several inquiries for coaching classes via top ranking position on search engines.

Challenges faced by Private Tutors/Trainer

Private home tutors or trainers have a tough time owing to the prevailing uncertainty about the covid 19 pandemic. Since lockdown, many parents have stopped private home tuition for their children. Even after relaxation, parents were not allowing outsiders inside their homes. Because of which many of them are facing huge financial crises.

Tutors to follow the following to come out of this crisis:

Digital marketing provides an easy and cost-effective way to promote their tutoring business and can easily attract students. Below are some of the To Do’s to follow for Digital Transformation:

●      Get an online presence

Technology is the bridge between teachers and students. If you want to grow your coaching classes, you must be a part of the online world as a tutor. Apps that can be useful are Facebook, MillionCentres, Google My Business, etc.

●      Get a website

Today, existence in the online world is very important. It creates opportunities for growth and success. Getting a website is a step towards the digital transformation of your business.

●      Advertise via word of mouth

It helps in building trust and confidence. You can also do it online. You can add the “what your students say about you” section on your website page, and the visitors will easily see it. This will strengthen your brand image, and students will have more faith in you.

●      Use social media for promotion.

Social media has become an essential part of advertising and promotion. Some of the most popular social media platforms are – Facebook, Instagram, Wtsup, Twitter, Quora, etc. These social media platforms also offer an opportunity of promoting yourself with digital ads through an advertisement for tuition classes.

●      Join tutor directories

Joining local directories in your area or city is another fruitful marketing idea for tutors and teachers. You can start with MillionCenters. It is a platform and online directory for tutors and teachers in India. Joining an online tutoring centre will increase your chance to attract more students.


The education industry has been growing as a leader in today’s developing digital marketing trends. Digital transformation in education system assists universities and schools and college institutions in building their brand. It also amplifies the student recruitment process. It has also made the whole education system more cost-effective for poor or less privileged students. 

As per a report from Frost and Sullivan, India has 200 million internet users, making India the third highest after China and the USA. This kind of far-reaching impact is helping digital technology a lot to intervene in the traditional approach and provide some good solutions to students.

This generation is well-versed with mobile, i-pads and laptops, so there will be more participation.

Social media provides a smoother and more direct communication tool between students, teachers, and parents.

It allows more e-learning opportunities as well. As remote jobs, online classes, and working from a distance are becoming popular, digital marketing can also help. It also helps connect with the prospective students and engage with these students by using the right content.

Therefore we can say that digital marketing matters a lot for the education sector.

Please let us know your feedback or queries in the comment section. Alternatively, in case of any digital marketing assistance, you can also visit our website (https://seintellect.com/) or contact us directly at [email protected] 

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