Facebook Remarketing: Strategies for more Conversion

Facebook Remarketing: Strategies for more conversion

Facebook Remarketing is a PPC Strategies for more conversion where you show your ads to people already familiar with your brand. They have previously either visited your website or interacted with you on your Facebook or Instagram page.

Nowadays, Facebook remarketing is getting more popular because it gives an increasing number of conversions. And is a unique and cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

So, let’s see the Facebook remarketing strategies for more conversions: –

Keep One Remarketing Campaign Always Live

Advertising a product to a customer not familiar with your product and brand is a loss of money and time because people generally do not convert on the first visit to your blog or website. It would help if you built their interest first.

A study by Adobe also shows that 40% of sales revenue comes from remarketing. So, it is always better to focus more on remarketing advertising than to concentrate on scale-up your Facebook ad campaigns. 

Remarket Page Visitors

With Facebook remarketing to the visitors of the page is an effortless and apparent way. Remarketing to all visitors will be best if you have a small audience because further segmentation can make a list too small.

And if you have a vast customer base, then segment them based on their intention, like some of them were to sign up for a free trial or request a demo but then didn’t complete the request.

Based on URL Parameter

You can also create an audience from URL parameters as well as subfolders. Which will help you know that people in that segment have specific skills so that you can talk directly related to their interest in those ads. And this can be handy if you want to remarket visitors of a particular source separately from your other audiences.

Based on Time Spent

You can further segment the URL-driven audience based on their time spent. You can target by top 25%, and top 10% of time spent, which can turn more useful than remarketing in generate

1. A Strong Message and Marketing Funnel

Creating the ads and selecting the right landing page is essential after selecting the facebook remarketing audiences you want to reach. You should ensure that your ad should be relevant to your target audience.

There should be different ads and messages for different types of customers. If you deal in multiple products like stationery items, kitchenware, etc., customers who visit the stationery item page should get the ads related to that only.

2. Set up Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Facebook Remarketing allows you to show the ads to people who have previously visited your website with a tailored message. Dynamic remarketing helps you build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to your site.

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Fo set up dynamic remarketing ads, you need the following:

1. Product or Service Feed

Create a feed that includes details about the product and service to pull from your feed to your dynamic ads. And if you are a retailer, you have to upload your product feed to the Google Merchant Center.

 2. Facebook Pixel or SDK

Dynamic ads work best if there’s continuous communication between your online product catalogue and your Facebook ads. For this, you will need the Facebook pixel on your site.

3. A Business Manager account

Because dynamic ads require particular assets and a product catalogue, you’ll need a Business Manager account.

Special Offer for Remarketing Audience

Customers visited your site but did not convert on the first or the second visit so there can be many reasons for the price issue. They might be thinking that your product is more expensive than others. And if you also believe this can be the reason, start a remarketing ad with discount offers. But not to everyone on Facebook, only to the remarketing audience. And this will help you in conversion and get the total price from the rest of the audience.

Too much Segmentation is not Good

Segmentation is good for facebook remarketing, but too much segmentation is not good. Because Facebook algorithms will not learn fast who is interested in your ads without many conversions, it will also take so much time to create different ads for different remarketing audiences.

So always limit to healthy segmentation. And each segmentation should at least contain 1000 people in a group.

Exclude the Converted Users

It is always advisable to exclude the people who are already a customer or bought the product. Otherwise, it will create a sense of boredom in existing customers by seeing the same repetitive ads. 

And it’s straightforward to do that; you need to create a Facebook Custom Audience of past converters and exclude that audience from your remarketing campaigns on the ad set level.

Manage Ad Frequency

It is essential to manage add frequency because if you see a remarketing adds too much, it has a negative effect rather than a positive. But when it comes to facebook remarketing campaigns, you can let your ad frequency grow higher because remarketing results in higher weekly ad frequency.

So, to deal with a higher Facebook remarketing campaign, it is advisable to create unique and creative ads that promote slightly different offers.

Reach an audience who is more interested in your product or services

Different people show varying interests in what you offer. Make a separate group of people showing more interest because bidding high for everyone is unnecessary when only a few are interested. 

And to distinguish between interested and non-interested customers is easy just by tracking their movements; with facebook remarketing campaign you can get an idea whether a particular customer is interested or not. For example, customers who have visited the pricing page or added the product to their cart are interested and can easily convert these customers by giving them some additional offers.

Follow Buyer’s Journey

Facebook Remarketing is a great way for more conversion. You know precisely what pages your audience visited, and what actions they have taken so you can track them and can remarket them to move forward. 

It would help if you kept an eye on the buyer’s journey, looked at where they are dropping out, and used remarketing to bring those customers back. Some people added the product to the cart but did not make the payment, and some signed up but did not attend the demo.


Facebook Remarketing Strategies for more conversion It keeps a record of everything, like what all page’s customers visited and where they dropped out. So, with the help of remarketing, you can track the customer’s movement and accordingly provide the best possible offer to get more and more conversions. And also, because of its cost-effectiveness, it is popular among businesses to increase sales.

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