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Wondering what the scope of digital marketing in India looks like than reading this article may be a favourable beginning. You can find out about its growth, future, job scope, and a lot more.

But before moving ahead to its need and scope, let’s understand what digital marketing is and its importance.

What is Digital Marketing and It’s Importance?

Digital marketing is the online selling of goods and services through digital mediums like the internet, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, websites, etc.

It is one of the fastest-growing forms of marketing because of its cost-effectiveness, accuracy, reach, and measurability. It will soon become the primary form of marketing as it is overtaking all other marketing platforms.

As per statista.com, as of October 2020, 59% of the world population uses the internet. And the break up is, social media users are 4.14%, and 4.24% are mobile users whereas, in 1995, internet users were less than 1% of the world population which shows the growth of digital marketing in the last 20 years.

And as per the latest Google report, India can reach $100 billion in online e-commerce, which shows we have a huge growth potential in digital sales.

The Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India

India has one of the largest populations of internet users in the world. India will have approximately 974.86 million internet users by 2025, which shows that the scope of digital marketing in India will have a lot of growth.

Digital marketing is growing at a rate of 40% in the country. Therefore with the increase in the organizations adopting digital marketing and the internet users, career options and job roles will advance. The future of digital marketing looks bright and secure.

Especially after covid, people are adapting to the new normal, carrying out things online very comfortably. Be it ordering medicines or food, shopping, or even carrying out banking transactions online. Digital marketing has become essential.

Companies must make digital marketing efforts starting today to deliver to the future generation. We all know that the future generation will already be a part of digital marketing and will be accustomed to everything online.

Hence, we can say that future career options in digital marketing are very promising. If you are interested in digital marketing, it is time to grab the opportunity and take advantage. 

Let’s have a look at the scope of digital marketing in different sectors.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India in Some Online Businesses:

Scope of Digital Marketing in India in Some Online Businesses

●      Earn With Affiliate Marketing

In the specific area of your interest, you can start your website, blog, or app. Initially, you have to work hard to build traffic and viewers on your page, but you can make a good income out of it once you have generated good traffic. To generate quality traffic, most professionals develop micro niche websites focusing on specific topics.

●      Become A Professional Blogger

Many bloggers choose full-time blogging as their career choice. They can even earn from advertising and affiliate marketing strategies. Once they become successful, they earn a handsome income.

●      Start Drop Shipping Business

Dropshipping business is a kind of business model in which you sell the products to the customers without having a physical inventory with you. In this, you need to have an e-commerce website and select the product you want to do business with, then connect your store with manufacturers and online retailers. 

Customers will buy the product from your website, and it will be sent directly by the manufacturers to the customers, and you make a good profit out of it.

●      Become A Youtuber

You can choose to become a full-time YouTuber in the area of your interest. You need to take care of the quality of content and the audience base. Once you start getting subscribers and views, you can easily make money from youtube monetization.

●      Start Freelancing Services

Freelancing is the concept of offering services to the client as an individual from working at your place. Being a freelancer, you can offer your services globally. There are many freelancing platforms like fiverr.com, freelancers.com, etc., where you can apply and get a job.

Scope of Digital Marketing for Business

Businesses in countries like India realize the potential of digital marketing. Therefore many of them invest in digital marketing to sell their goods and services to potential customers and have a strong online presence.

Compared with traditional marketing, digital marketing is cheap and affordable, and easy to reach directly to potential customers. Hence businesses are shifting to digital mode of marketing.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India for Job/Career

Scope of Digital Marketing in India for Job and Career

This sector was largely unaffected during the pandemic due to its digital nature. It is expected to create more jobs in the coming years. Digital marketing has many different aspects like marketing, design, social media, technology, finance, business development, etc. 

Therefore the growth of digital marketing will also lead to the growth of these sub-sectors. Students who can pursue their careers in any of these fields can have a long-lasting career. There are many jobs available in these sectors, and they also pay well.

The Digital Marketing Career Options

There are many career opportunities available in the digital marketing industry. The best thing about this career is that several free online courses are available to grab a certain skill set related to this.

You can choose the one according to your area of interest and can start a career. Here is the list of some digital marketing career options, which you can choose and start a career:

●      SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Their role is to optimize websites and drive relevant traffic to the website. Once the traffic is on your website, you get an edge over the competition. It results in more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth of the business.

The main aim is to bring websites to the first page of search engines. For this, you need to have the strong content knowledge and technical skill. Read more to know the career opportunities in SEO.

●      Content Writer/Copywriter

If you have good writing skills and want to have a career in the digital marketing field, you can go for it. The role of a content writer is to provide information related to products or services that a particular company is offering. They are paid well for their expert services.

●      Website Designer 

Their role is to design websites according to the current trend. Website is very important for any company as it is an important sales point. And also, every campaign brings customers to the website. Customers can ask any query or provide feedback while visiting the respective website.

Therefore the website is very important and should be attractive, user friendly. For this, you need to be good at designing. Then you can have a successful career as a designer.

●      Graphic Designer

Graphic designer design according to the brief in the content and social media strategy. The graphic designer designs images and posts that can be used for ads, social media posts, or marketing content.

They design everything from posters, billboards to packaging, logo, and other marketing material.

A professional Graphic Designer must have the required technical skills to design with different software programs such as photoshop etc.

●      Digital Marketing Analyst

The main job of a digital marketing analyst is to analyze every aspect of marketing campaigns. They also help with the road map to improve the marketing campaign. 

They have to analyze everything from copy and design used in the campaign to executing strategies and the result. It is an expert position, so you need to know everything related to digital marketing.

They play an important role in the success and improvement of digital marketing strategies. It is one of the highest-paid professions in digital marketing.

●      Influencer

Nowadays, influencers have become a strong part of digital marketing campaigns and make a huge difference. They have a large number of fans and followers on their social media sites.

If you want to be an influencer, you need to have a unique talent that you can showcase on social media sites to gather followers. You also need to have skills like video and photo editing skills and, most important, marketing skills.

Once you have followers on your social media sites, you can earn directly from them, but the real income comes from brand endorsements. They also get opportunities to work in television, radio, ads, film industry, etc.


The demand for digital marketing has increased, seeing its benefits, and will continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore it can be said that it has immense growth in India. 

It provides an opportunity for students with no professional knowledge to make a technical and creative career in digital marketing. And also to get a well-paid job with a huge career growth opportunity. There are many free online courses available. You need to enroll and have a skill related to your area of interest. 

But if you are still confused about where to apply and which course would be right for you, you can visit our website (https://seintellect.com/) or can contact us directly at [email protected]. At SE Intellect, we provide any digital marketing assistance and all software-related courses to complete in a month and start your creative journey.

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