Google’s New Page Title Update: Explained

Google title update

Google has recently announced that he can use any different text as a title in place of your present title tag.

Why has Google made such changes? What is this new policy? What to do about and how can you see changed title in SERP. 

All answers to these questions you will get in this article, keep reading.

Google’s new page update

Google has introduced a new algorithm for generating titles for web pages. Now the title will not change based on the query. Instead, it will produce a title that will work better for the document and describe it. 

Why Google is making such changes

Google is making such changes in the title tag because the purpose behind the page’s title should give the idea about the article’s content, not a tool to rank. So if google finds any page whose content is good to show in SERP but if its title is not proper, then google itself will make changes in the title.

Which types of titles Google is changing?

As per Google, they are only changing 20% of the page title, and the remaining 80% shows their title written. But 20% is a huge number and can be found whose titles are changed by google.

Google sometimes does change the HTML title tag because it does not always describe the content well. Here are the situations where the google new system goes beyond the title elements and recreating the title tag.

  • If the title is untitled or half-written 
  • very long titles
  • Titles stuffed with keyword
  • The inaccurate title means which does not match with the content.

How Google is making a new title?

Google might use one of them for creating a title:

  • Content of H1 tags
  • Content of other headline tags means from H2 to H6 can use any headline content
  • Any decorated text(bold, italic, or underline) on the page
  • Anchor text of links on the page
  • The alt attribute of images on the page

And it’s not that you cannot make changes to these titles once modified by Google. You can change the HTML title tag; Google will consider the updated text and react accordingly. But whether your updated title tag will display in SERP or not depends on its assessment of the text and how well it describes the content on the page.

Tool to view the titles changed by Google

Use a free tool made by Fede Gomez to know who’s all pages Google changes titles. You don’t need to install it. There is a code that needs to be copied and paste it in a google title bar and save as a bookmark, and you can see the titles that are already changed and some title that Google will change.


So it is advisable to focus on creating an excellent HTML title tag. These changes are made to help and compensate for an issue which writer or a developer does not realize.

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