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How to Get More Views on YouTube

Youtube is the world’s second most visited website and is used by one-third of the internet users. More than 62% of businesses use it to post video content.

It gives a great result and is a potent business tool; you need to use it effectively. But to increase your sales, you need to boost your views. 

So in this article, I will tell you how to get more views on youtube.

Here are the ways which will help you increase your youtube views:

Make videos on good Content

Makes videos on Content that people want to watch. It is essential to decide the number of views you will get. Good Content will result in better behavioural analytics that YouTube’s algorithm will recognize and reward your video with better organic search positioning. No tactic or technique will get you anywhere if you fail to create quality content.

1. Always focus on Creating in series.

Creating in series is always better than making an individual video. Brainstorm your youtube content and choose the topic you can create in a series. 

You can create more videos on the same, and it’s also easy to organize your videos into logical playlists, which results in greater engagement and an increase in the number of views. Your viewers will benefit from the same and will get an enjoyable experience.

2. Always focus on learning and adjusting.

Not all your videos will be hit, so consider all that as a learning opportunity. Focus on what has all gone wrong and try to learn over the period. This will help in getting more success in the coming time.

3. Always go through comments.

Going through the comments is one of the best ways to get more views for your videos and more channel subscribers. YouTube is a social networking platform and a community of millions of users. This results in building a community around your channel.

You can also get content ideas and feedback from the comment section. So always take time to go through as many comments as possible and listen for any questions or suggestions about Content you could create.

4. Create and release videos on tent-pole events

The calendar is full of special events that get people excited, such as Halloween, Christmas, and the Super Bowl, and those aren’t nearly the only ones. When it comes to online video, releasing Content that capitalizes on the buzz surrounding those events can also mean a boost in your viewership. 

 And it is not necessary to do just the major ones. You can find special events almost weekly and capitalize on them if you plan accordingly. Take a look at a calendar and start seeing the circumstances that create buzz, and create a video during the days or weeks leading up to those events

5. Stay on topic

Always stay on topic. Make a video on issues that are in demand and trend. It helps in driving more and more views.

And if you want to get recommended to the viewer, start making videos, others are making.

6. Always be consistent and regular.

Always be consistent and regular with your new video posting. Because if you nor consistent with your video posting time and schedule date or day, you may not find an audience.

So always tell your viewers about your new videos and when they are coming. And always be up to your words.

Optimize your title and description

 It would be best to have titles with at least one good keyword or phrase related to your video. And you also need to describe the footage in detail in the description box. YouTube generally gives 5000 characters, or 800 words, to tell your video.

The more text YouTube, Google, and other search engines have to crawl about your video, the more likely your Content will show up in results and thus get more views.

Use watermark on your videos

A watermark is an image that will appear on all your videos. It makes it easy for a viewer to recognize you as a particular brand. And when a viewer hovers over a watermark, it prompts them to subscribe. This way, you can increase your views and promote your brand on your youtube channel.

Do Keyword Research

Youtube keyword research is fundamental to making your video reach its full potential. It helps you in deciding what can be your next topic based on what people are looking for. You can find the exact language they are using, the size of that opportunity, and how competitive it may be to appear for that keyword in the search result.

And once you have all this data, you can make your video accordingly by using that keyword and also ensure that you optimize them at the time of upload. 

Make your Videos embedded and enabled

If you have a video with quality content and a lot of information, people will want to share it on their site. But if you have not enabled the embedding, they can not do it.

So make sure it is enabled. It is an effective way to reach a new audience and get more youtube views. Youtube has made it easy to embed videos on your site and provides you with a code.

Create an attractive thumbnail image

Thumbnails play a vital role in driving more youtube free views. You can choose one of the auto-generated thumbnail images of your own while uploading a video. 90% of best-performing videos on youtube use their thumbnail, so don’t use any other instead, create and upload your custom thumbnail for better results. 

The best thumbnails have bright colours, simple text, uncluttered images, congruent with your brand, and accurately represent the video’s Content.

Publish videos at peak time

It would be best to publish your videos at peak times. Here peak time means when your viewers are on youtube watching your videos. It is no longer challenging to track the hour and day your audience is on youtube. So follow those data and publish accordingly.

It would be best to publish an hour or two before those peak times because publishing earlier will give your audience a chance to discover your new videos and thus result in more free views.

Build a strong relationship with your viewers

You can only build a good relationship with your viewers by engaging with them. And this you can do by replying to their comments individually, running a youtube contest, or making reaction videos based on their analysis. All this will make your viewers feel special and noticed, resulting in more subscribers, more care for your brand, and watching more of your videos.

Ask to subscribe to your channel.

It is not that your previous subscribers are only always watching your videos, so always ask the new audience to subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon to get a notification for every new tape so that they don’t miss watching it.

The more subscribers your channel has, the more views you will get.

Increase a watch time

If you have an audience who sticks for a longer time on your videos, then it’s a great advantage for you. Anything that is watched for more than 30 seconds is counted by youtube. Youtube easily comes to know if you have an audience to watch your videos longer. Youtube understands that you have quality content and are favoured by a youtube algorithm. It means your videos will come on top in the recommendation engine. 

Call Guest vloggers

Increasing your views is one of the best ways. Invite and build a relationship with the blogger who has the same interest as you. And also, make a video with them and share it with their followers. It will not only increase your views but will also increase your subscriber. It also adds variety to your videos and is loved by audiences.


These are the ways that are going to help you in increasing your youtube views. You need to keep yourself updated on what is in demand, what kind of videos are liked by most people, and accordingly create your video.

But the most important thing is the quality content. So always focus more on your Content. Build relationships with your viewers and ask for ideas or topics on which they want a video. 

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