Scope of digital marketing after BCA

Scope of digital marketing after BCA

BCA is one of the most popular graduation courses for students after high school. Obtaining a BCA degree is good but insufficient to get a high-paid job. You need to choose the proper courses following BCA to get a high-paying job. So it is better to pursue a professional course to have a well-established job following a BCA degree.

So in this article, I will tell you about one such professional course, digital marketing, and its scope after BCA.

Digital marketing after BCA is a professional course that provides better growth opportunities. It is a growing field where students can start earning online and get a chance to work with top digital marketing agencies and companies after gaining knowledge in online marketing. 

Almost every business, be it small or large, is going online. Thus, the demand for digital marketers is growing because of the increasing digitalization. Hence, it is the right time for all BCA graduates to build an enriching career in Digital Marketing. As BCA graduates, they are pretty familiar with web fundamentals and concepts, so it will become easier for them to learn technical aspects of Digital Marketing. 

Scope of digital marketing after BCA

As we all know, digital marketing is at boom and catching everyone’s eye. Today it has become the most urgent need of every business for their growth and survival in this cutthroat competition. Therefore, the scope of digital marketing for BCA students is more comprehensive and will grow more in the coming years.

Can I do digital marketing after BCA?

Yes, you can do digital marketing after BCA. Make sure to do this digital marketing course from a reputed firm because they focus more on practical training, enhance your hands-on experience, and help you better understand the domain. 

SE Intellect is one such reputed institute where you can get all these and enhance your skill and expertise in a particular field.

How to do digital marketing after BCA?

There are several institutes available that provide digital marketing courses either online or offline. You can choose as per your convenience and become a digital marketing expert with good hard work and dedication. 

It does not deal only with sales. The course of digital marketing is vast, so take your time and understand which part of digital marketing you are excellent or interested in, and then proceed accordingly.

Can a BCA student do digital marketing?

Yes, BBA students can do digital marketing. In fact, this would be the perfect decision as a BBA student will have ample time to master the subject in all modules, and by the time you will also complete your BBA. This will help you get placed in a top multinational company and get a high-paid job.

Digital marketing after BCA, jobs in India?

It is not difficult to get a job in digital marketing after BCA. You need to study digital marketing, gain deep knowledge on the topic, read the latest updates, create your blogs and do experiments, look for internships program in digital marketing institutes and get work experience.

There are many jobs in digital marketing which you can get doing digital marketing courses after BCA. Some of them are as follows:-

  • You have essential web designing and development knowledge as you have done BCA. So you can become a designer and design websites for various clients.
  • As a content writer, if you love writing and have good communication skills, you must explore this field.
  • You can also become a social media expert responsible for handling the company’s social media handles.
  • You can also become a blogger, easily connect with your audience, and become a famous Youtuber or blogger.
  • If you have done a digital marketing course, you can also become an SEO expert as it is one of the essential parts of digital marketing and has a high scope.
  • You can also work as a freelancer and can earn passive income. If you have a personal project, digital marketing techniques can help you sell products and help you earn money. 

Which digital marketing courses after BCA should you do?

Depending on your interest, you can do any digital marketing courses like SEO, SEM, Content writer, SMM, etc. Ensure that you do it from a top and the best institute like SE Intellect.

What is digital marketing after BCA salary?

The average salary of a digital marketer after BCA is Rs542000 per annum, and you can also earn around Rs 10 lakh per annum with your experience and expertise.


I hope now you must have got an idea about the advantages of digital marketing after BCA. It is great to have a career in this industry and is an intelligent choice as it will reap many career benefits.

So if you want to join one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses, you can visit our website or call us on ……… SE Intellect is one of the best and most reputed digital marketing institutes in Bareilly and Noida. It is the institute from where you the best theoretical and practical training modules. You can learn digital marketing skills offline or online as per your requirements. Pursue the best online or offline digital marketing course at SE Intellect and have a bright future.

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