Web Stories-Is It worth it?

Web Stories-Is It worth it

If you want to know what web stories are, why you should use them, and whether it is worth using google web stories, then you are at the right place.

What is Google Web Stories?

  • Google Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web that allows you to tap and swipe through stories. It is like an online version of PowerPoint or Adobe Flash that you can use in your browser without downloading any software.
  •  It is a new way to create and share animated and interactive storyboards for the web. You can add photos, text, videos, music, shapes, animation, and many more. According to Google, there is no compatibility issue on older browsers as it supports the latest version of HTML.
  • It allows users to create their own story they want to tell in which they can also add pictures, videos, and text. The ability to post them on your site makes it different from other story experiences such as Facebook or Instagram stories. 

All web stories are stored online, and if someone wants to read your story later or share it with others, they don’t have to download anything. This is the best thing that anyone can read, share and create stories they want.

We can see these stories even on mobile because these stories are mobile-friendly. It shows you the stories related to your search at the top of the google search results. 

For example, searching for places to visit in Gujarat in Google then it will show the stories related to your search because Google pushes the stories related to your search to the top of the search result in your phone search.

Why should Google Web Stories be Used?

  • Web Stories help you get discovered on the top of the Google search result page, which helps you get more traffic to your website. 
  • Google will even show your page if it doesn’t rank first, but if you want to increase traffic to your website or page, you can use Web stories to boost your ranking.
  • You will get the same page on desktop and mobile, but on mobile, you will find it more mobile-friendly.
  • On mobile devices, the cover image automatically scrolls through and moves through. You can easily walk through the whole story and can quickly get excellent and valuable information about your search.
  • You can also get the additional information related to your search by the CTA button available in the Swipe up tab. You can also boost your income by monetizing your ad published on Web Stories. 
  • To increase your organic search traffic, start building stories for your product and services. Google also rewards the sites that represent their brand using Web Stories.

So, Web Stories increases your website traffic and the swipe-up of the stories and also gives you the ad income.

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Benefits of Google Web Stories

Following are the other benefits of Google Web Stories for your business.

  • Provide Monetization opportunity
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Appealing and visually rich
  • Web pages load fast
  • Search engine friendly
  • It creates user engagement, so it is highly effective for businesses.

There are many different reasons for using these for your business and website. Many clients gain traffic to their site not just by using Google web Stories but through people clicking from google stories in a day. So, this is an additional benefit of using Web Stories.

Here the bounce rate is also low as people are shown stories of what they are searching for. People are already interested and use affiliate links to increase their revenue.

It’s not that you will consistently get an increase in traffic, and it can go up and down sometimes, but you need to publish your stories consistently. 

Web-Stories can add an extra advantage in lead generation, and it performs well on the web and in user engagement.

Readers prefer visuals over words, so the Web Stories format helps you engage your readers with colorful images, videos, and compelling animations. And because of less use of text, it appears to be different from standard web pages. 

Web Stories are designed to work on mobile as users have shifted from desktop to mobile in recent years.

Web stories are tab-through and full-screen, allowing users to immerse themselves in the experience. Designed for mobile but looks great on any device.


Web Stories are the best way to increase your website traffic, grow your online brand reputation and build customer trust.

It’s the best way to showcase your company or any product release. So, start using it before it gets too late. 

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