How to create a blog

11 Steps

If you want to know how to create a blog, follow these 11 steps to create an attractive blog.

Decide the purpose of creating a Goal


You must first know what your goal is for creating a blog, then only you work on a blog for a long time.

Choose niche blog


Niche is a category or a topic on which blogging is done.Choosing a niche is the most important part of blogging.

Do keyword Research


Keywords are very important in increasing traffic to any blog. You can also use paid tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs to do keyword research.

Select a Platform to  Create a blog


There are many CMS platforms online where you can create a blog.The most used platforms are Blogger and WordPress. 

Buy domain & hosting


A domain is the name of your blog, your blog can only be identified on the Internet by its domain name. Hosting is an online space where all the content of your blog is stored and your website lives.

Setup the Blog


You have to setup the blog, after buying domain & hosting.

Tell google about the blog


To do this, Google has created a tool called Google Search Console (GSC), where you have to submit your blog.

Start writing articles on the blog


You should start writing articles for your blog after setting up your blog and submitting your blog to the Google Search Console.

Blog SEO


SEO is the process by which any blog can be placed in the top positions in search engines.

Promote Blog


Ways to promote  blog- Create Backlinks for Blog, answering Questions in the forum website, share articles on Social Media, and through Youtube Channel

Start earning money by monetizing a blog


You can start making money by monetizing your blog through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, or other ad networks.

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