For a website to be properly targeted and evaluated, many people make SEO mistakes. This makes it difficult to rate the website. So let's talk about these 7 common mistakes you should look for.

You need to create an SEO strategy that will give the site a good direction. This allows your audience to connect directly with you.

Not creating an SEO strategy

Using underscores in URLs can confuse search engines and easily index your website. So use a hyphen instead of underscore.

Using Underscores in URLs

This is a common mistake that everyone makes on their site. Always maintain the quality of your content updated. If you do not do so, Google will not review your site.

Publish copy content

Before interlinking a link to an article, take a look at it and attach the link with the best performance. This will help your article rank faster.

Using too Many Interlinks

SEO has now become an integral part of digital marketing. If you want to make the most of it, you can join any other channel and give your site a good rating.

If you do not understand how SEO works?

Using the wrong keywords can have many negative effects on your site. So focusing on generic keywords can reach your audience.

Using the wrong keywords

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