7 ways to increase organic traffic on blog

If you want to make good money on your blog and you want to highlight your blog, you need to bring organic traffic to your blog

In this story,we are going to tell you about 7 such ways to bring organic traffic to the blog. Many bloggers are not able to carry organic visitors to their blog due to a lack of accurate information.

Google web stories


Recently, Google itself has been promoting stories on the web. Therefore, you need to use Google Web Stories to get organic traffic.

Google ranking


If the content of your blog, SEO, backlinks is high quality, then your blog will definitely be placed on the first page of Google to get a lot of organic traffic.

Google question hub


If you write an article on a Suggested topic in the Google Question Hub, you can get good organic traffic in a very short period of time.

Google Discover Feed


This is a Google resource that is visible to mobile users. If only one article comes to Google Discover, then your blog will receive a lot of organic traffic.

People also Ask


If you use the FAQ scheme on your blog, your blog will be ranked in the People also ask section and you will get organic traffic.

Google news


To access your blog in Google News, you have to first get the approval of Google News. When your blog post starts appearing in Google News, then you will get organic traffic.

Google Image


If you do image SEO optimization of your blog in a right way, then your images will be rated on Google so that the user can click on the images to visit your site.

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