White Label CMS


If you're using WordPress to build a website for a client, you can use this plugin to customize the admin area according to your client’s needs and requests.

Ultimate Dashboard


It lets you create a simple, clean WordPress control panel for yourself or your clients. By removing widgets and creating custom admin pages, you can personalize the dashboard.

WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin


It is a great plugin to use if you want to hide certain items from your WordPress admin menu and admin bar. Select which users have access to the menu while maintaining all functionality.

Admin Columns


With this plugin, you can add beautiful columns to the WordPress content management panels to make them look more organised and user-friendly.

Admin Menu Editor


It is the best plugin for customizing the design of your menu, renaming items, and adding custom menu items. It is lightweight and simple, with a drag-and-drop interface for rearranging menu items in the admin area.

User Role Editor


For websites with multiple authors and administrators, User Role Editor is a fantastic plugin. You can easily change and restrict user access to administrative tools with this plugin.



When building a WordPress website for a client or granting access to multiple users, managing user permissions is critical. For multi-author WordPress blogs or client websites, Adminimize is a useful WordPress admin plugin.

Client Dash


Client Dash is a powerful WordPress admin dashboard plugin that allows you to create custom dashboards for your clients and limit access to specific menu items.


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