Best alternatives to PPC Platforms

1. Bidvertiser

For creating banner ads, Bidvertiser is a helpful tool. With Bidvertiser, websites are able to earn a cut of revenue from the ads that appear in the margins.

2. AdRoll

The retargeting value of AdRoll makes it one of the top ad networks. You can retarget people who visit your website with ads encouraging them to return using other platforms such as Google and Facebook.

3. BuySellAds

It is an excellent platform for presenting display ads to selected audiences. Advertisers can use BuySellAds to reach new audiences through display, native performance, sponsored content, and email channels.

4. RevContent

Rather than focusing on products, RevContent focuses on advertising content. Through technology and partnerships with some of the world's largest media companies, RevContent helps advertisers reach highly engaged audiences.

5. Adblade

Content-style advertising allows advertisers to target specific target audiences with their content across the web. A large audience of over 300 million users makes it a relatively low cost per click.