Best SEO Practices you need for Google Ranking

Basic SEO checklist

On-page SEO checklist

Technical SEO checklist

Off-Page SEO checklist

Content checklist

Keyword research checklist

Basic SEO Checklist

Set Up Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Install and Configure an SEO  Plugin

Set Up Google Analytics

Generate and Submit a Sitemap

Create a Robots.txt File

Onpage SEO Checklist

Create SEO-Friendly URLs

Use Keywords in H1, H2 Tags

Use Keyword in the First  Paragraph

Improve Titles and Descriptions

Use Infographics, Images, Statistics and Videos

Use Schema Data

Use Internal and External Links

Off Page SEO Checklist

Link Building

Forum Submission

Guest Posting And Article  Submission

Do Business Listings

Work on Social Media Channels

Profile Submission

Blog Submission

Technical SEO Checklist


Page User Experience

Use Canonical Tags

Fix Broken Links

Check Duplicate Content

Fix Crawl Errors

Add Breadcrumbs

Improve Website Speed

Use Structure Data

Content Checklist

Use Headings to Create Hierarchy

Solve the Reader's Problem

Use Images, Statistics,  Infographics, Videos

Use Short Sentences and  Paragraphs

Use Keywords But do not do  keywords stuffing

Keywords Research Checklist

Do Search Intent Analysis

Find Main Keywords

Find Long Tail and LSI Keywords

Do competitive Keyword Analysis

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