How to Write Catchy Blog Post Titles

To increase the CTR of the blog, the title of the blog post is most important. Follow these 7 tips to write a catchy title.

Use Focus Keywords


To make the title of the blog post SEO friendly,use the focus keyword in the title.

Use Power Word


Using power word in the titles creates the curiosity of reading the article in the user's mind.

Use Title Generator Tool


Use the Title Generator Tool to create a title, if you are a beginner.

Write Month and Year


Users want to read the latest article. So you can add month or year in the title.

Use numbers in titles


If you use the title number, the user will clearly understand what they will learn in the post by reading the title.

Title not too long


If you write a long title, title will not appear complete in the SERP, which reduces the chances of the user clicking. 

Use interrogative sentence


Most people query in Google as a query,such title improve ranking along with CTR.


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