What is Crawl Budget and Tips to Optimize It?

crawl budget

The crawl budget is the maximum number of pages Google can crawl on a website in a given amount of time.

Two key concepts associated with the crawl budget are crawl rate limit and crawl demand.

Crawl Rate Limit

Crawl Demand

Crawl Rate Limit is the amount of time a crawler is allowed to crawl a website.

Crawl Demand refers to how many of your URLs or webpages Google wants to crawl.

How to Optimize Crawl Budget

Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO:


Use Robots.txt File


The robots.txt file is a basic text file that tells search engine robots how to crawl your website.

Reduce Redirect Chains


When there are a lot of 301/302 redirects in a row, Googlebot and Bingbot may stop crawling before they get to the page you want.

Update Your Sitemap


Any new webpage that you create must be updated in your sitemap. As a result, anytime you publish a webpage, check the sitemap once.

Improve Site Speed


Improving site speed increases the possibility of getting more pages crawled by the Google bot.

Avoid Broken Links


Broken links add no value to your content and should be avoided on your website to improve your crawl budget.

Obtain a backlink from a high-quality, relevant website.


Always create a backlink from a high-quality website; this increases Google's trust in your website, and your website will receive more crawl budget.

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