Difference  Between HTTP  and HTTPS


1. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. 2. It is a protocol and syntax for the presentation of information 3. There are two main types of HTTP messages: · Request · Responses


· HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. · HTTPS sends the security of its data using an encrypted connection. · HTTPS uses TLS (as SSL) to encrypt  HTTPS uses TCP to send and receive data packets.

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP 1. Operates the application layer. 2. Lack of security mechanism. 3. Data on 80 ports. 4. Search rankings cannot be improved. 5. Transfer the data to plain text.

HTTPS 1. Works on the transport layer 2. SSL or TLS digital certificate 3. Data over 443 ports 4. Improves search rankings 5. Transfer the data to encrypted text.  

Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

· You need to know what certificate you need · Use 2048-bit key certificates to request a certificate on your web server. · Keep the current SSL certificate · Use relative URLs · Use HTTP 301 redirection on the server. · Robots.txt allows web crawlers to access your HTTPS pages. · Make sure your site returns the same HTTP status code

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