What is Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories is a new Google feature that allows users to view content in a visual format. The user can see Web Stories in Google Discover Feed and Google Search. Google Web Story is powered by 

Benefits of creating a web story

Some of the major benefits of creating a Google Web Story are as follows: 


1. It Can Boost Your Rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

2. Google web story can be monetized using AdSense.

3. You can also earn money by putting affiliate links on Google Web Story.

4. Google indexes web stories quickly.

5. With the help of Google Web Stories , you can increase the Organic Traffic of your website.

6. If you have a business website, Google Web Story can help you increase your product sales.

Google Web Stories Guidelines

Following are some important Google Web Stories Guidelines that will help you create better Stories.


1. Do not use more than 180 characters in one page. 2. Use High Quality Audio , Images and Videos . 3. Use Structured Data for better SEO performance . 4. Do not forget to put Alt Tag in the image .

5. Must use Poster Logo and Publisher Image in web story . 6. Use title and description in web story . 7 Use video for better engagement . 8. Use videos with length up to 15 - 60 seconds .

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