Image SEO is also part of On-Page SEO, where you get the image of your blog to rank in a search engine and get organic traffic.To make image SEO friendly, follow these 7 methods

How To Do Image SEO

Change the name of the image & write it according to the focus keyword.

Rename the image:


Compressing the image size takes less time to load the image.

Reduce the size of the image:


Alternative text Describe image correctly. Avoid Keyword Stuffing  while writing Alt text.

Use descriptive alt text:


Use image size 650X350 for a good SEO-friendly image.

Select the correct image size:


For the blog, always use JPG or JPEG image format.PNG images spoil the website's loading speed.

Choose the right image format:


Write the title and description of the image as described in the image and blog post.

write title and description in the image:


Always use copyright free images in the blog. Pixabay,Unsplash,Pixel etc. are some website to download copyright free image.

Use Copyright Free Image:


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