How to index blog post in google.

When your blog posts will not be indexed in Google, then they will not even rank in Google. We will tell you 6 ways so that you can fast index your blog posts

Request for indexing


The easiest way to index your site is to enter your site's URL in the top Google Search Console.

Submit Sitemap


Submit a sitemap of your website to Google search console. Also, make sure that the new posts you publish have been added to the Sitemap or not.

Internal Linking


Internal linking is very important in getting your webpage indexed fast and also helps in the ranking of your blog.

Post in Schedule


If you fix a schedule for publishing the post, then the chances of indexing of your webpage also increase.

Write unique & quality content


Write Unique Content only in your blog because google indexes unique articles very quickly.

Use Google API Indexing


You can index your blog posts directly through the Google API indexing.


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