Spotlight is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily display an Instagram feed on your WordPress site. It's simple to set up, and you have complete control over the design your visitors see.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a highly-rated Instagram plugin for WordPress with a lot of customization options.You can use Instagram Feed to find photographs from your own account or hashtags.

10Web Social Photo Feed

It is a straightforward free plugin that works great to display your Instagram posts on your WordPress website.

Instagram Journal

This plugin allows you to specify the color scheme, gallery size, photo size, photo gutter size, and view mode of your Instagram feed.

Instagram Feed Gallery

Instagram Feed Gallery is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create Instagram feed galleries and widgets from different accounts and hashtags.

Social Stream for WordPress

It is a paid plugin designed to get you more likes and followers on your social media accounts and boost engagement on your WordPress site.

Feed Them Social

It enables you to bring your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content to your website using a beautiful, customizable layout.

Instagram Theatre

It is designed to allow you to easily display photos from your Instagram account on your WordPress website. You have an array of options for customizing your feed, including effect speed, delay interval, and alternate layouts.


The Integrate plugin converts Instagram photographs and videos into blog posts on your WordPress website automatically.This plugin offers advanced functionality and flexibility.

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

It's a free plugin that allows you to easily translate your brand from your social media profiles to your website.


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