Buy Top Level Domain


Always buy top level domain such as .com, .in, .net, .org. Also include keywords related to your niche in the domain name.

Work on low competition keyword


In the beginning always work on low competition keywords, because such keywords rank quickly.

On page SEO


Do On page SEO of the blog. The better you optimize your content for the search engine crawler, the more you will get ranking.

Write Supporting Article


Supporting articles are relevant to the main article. It is the best way for getting a blog post ranked.

High quality backlink


Create high quality backlink for blog post.Backlink play a supporting role in getting blog post ranked & build trust on Google's website.

Right technical SEO of the blog


To get the blog ranked on Google, the technical SEO of the blog should also be correct. If there is a technical error in your blog, your blog does not rank.

Speed up website


Website speed is also very important to rank the website.If the loading speed of your website is not good then Google is not going to rank your website.

If you follow all these points then your blog will definitely rank in google. To know more visit our website