What is Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a structured data vocabulary that helps search engines to better understand the information on your website in order to serve rich results.

Types of Schema Markup

There are many types of Schema Markup that you can add to your webpage. some of the major schema markup types are discussed in this story


Organization Schema Markup


Improve brand identity and awareness

Organization schema markup elaborates the company introduction, including official name,location, logo, contact info, and social profiles.


Local Business Schema Markup

Get more appointments and bookings

It is especially for a local company or a local branch of an organization. It helps users to find the company’s location & address, opening hours, menu, contact info, etc.


Breadcrumbs Schema Markup

Help users (and search engines) understand your website architecture.

It helps search engines know how the web pages on your site interrelate. It helps users view their location,& it is useful for reducing bounce rate.


Product Schema Markup

Let shoppers see key information about your products

It is used to sell a specific product. Using the product schema, more product information is displayed in the SERP.


Sitelink Schema Markup

Give searchers more options and take up more real estate.

Make your SERP result more desirable and clickable than others. Give users more options that are relevant to their query.


Event Schema Markup

The Event schema markup provides extra information for concerts, lectures, webinars, festivals such as date, location, and price.


Person Schema Markup

Search engine shows the important information about a person separately.The user can see the information of the person separately in the SERP without visiting the website.

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