Search intent 

It is the purpose of a user’s search. It’s also referred to as audience, user, or keyword intent. The search engine (Google) brings that web site or blog in front of the user that provides the right information for the user based on the search intent.

Types of Search Intent

1. Informational Intent 2. Navigational Intent 3. Transactional Intent 4. Commercial Intent 5. Local Intent

1. Informational Intent

2. Navigational Intent

when a user searches the Internet for the aim of gathering information, it is called Informational Intent.

When the user searches the query to go to a specific website on the Internet, it is called Navigational Intent.

3. Transactional Intent

4. Commercial Intent

Transactional Intent occurs when a user searches a query with the aim of purchasing or selling something on the Internet.

In Commercial Intent, the user wants to buy something, but first, he wants to get complete information about that item. Informational and Transactional Intent is a mix in this type of intent.

5. Local Intent

When a User makes a query with the goal of getting information about a local area, then it is called Local Intent.

Why is Search Intent SEO Important?

If you produce content for your website with the user in mind and the user derives some value from it, your website will naturally rank high in the search engine results page. Because Google is working harder to improve its own user experience.

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