Types of Blog

6 types of blog that are most often created on the Internet.

Personal Blog

Personal Blog is a blog in which a person shares his thoughts, opinions or experiences. The main purpose of this blog is not to earn money. It is managed by only one person.


Business Blog

A blog that belongs to a company or organization is called a business blog. Such a blog contains information about the company's services, products.


Group Blog

A group blog is run by a group of many people. The main purpose of this type of blog is to make money. Group blogs contain information on many topics.


Niche Blog

Niche means topic or category, Niche blogs target specific topics instead of covering a set of different topics under its umbrella.


Affiliate Blog

Affiliate blogs are built to generate commission through affiliate marketing. A blog that promotes another company's product is called an affiliate blog.


Media Blog

A blog that only shares media files, such as videos or pictures, is called a media blog. In a vlog, the video is posted on particular topics.


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