What is keyword?

To get information from the Internet, the words that a user uses to search for information or to access information are called keywords.

Types Of Keyword

There are 5 main types of keywords depending on what the user is looking for

LSI Keyword

LSI Stand for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are keywords that are relevant to our main keyword.

Product Targeting Keyword

Product Targeting Keywords are keywords that target a particular product. Like – Samsung Galaxy smartphone, SG Cricket Bat etc. 

Customer Targeting keyword

These are those keywords that are specifically targeted to a specific customer. Like-Best Laptop bag for Man, leather handbags for women etc.

Area Targeting Keyword

Area Targeting Keyword are keywords in which one area is targeted. Like- Digital Marketing course in bareilly, CAD course in Delhi etc.

Ever Green Keyword

These are those keywords which are always searched. These types of keywords have been searched for before, even today, and will be searched in the future.

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