What is Google EAT?

E-A-T Stands For Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. These are the three most important aspects of a website that Google uses to evaluate its quality.


Whether the author or the site owner is Knowledgeable on the topic they are talking about on their website.


This determines the overall trustworthiness of the website include security, site quality , etc.

The credibility of the site publishing the content. Credibility is determined using authentic testimonials, reviews, credentials , etc.


For which website is EAT important?

EAT is very important mainly for ranking of YMYL (Your Money Your Life) type of website.

What is YMYL website?

Websites that sell products or provide services or information that can impact users’ happiness, health, financial stability, or safety are categorized by Google as YMYL – which stands for “Your Money or Your Life.”

How to rank higher with Google's E-A-T?

1. Engange Experts to produce High Quality Content. 2. Include Authors' Detail/Bio. 3. Build Quality Backlinks.

4. Create Useful Content For Your Audience. 5. Update Your Content Regularly. 6. Backup Your Content with Quality Source. 7. Create COntent with Different Prespectives & Viewpoints. 8. Invite Visitors Feedback.

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