LSI Keyword

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is a Keyword that is semantically linked to a main keyword.

They are beneficial for supporting your content and they add more content to make it easier for both users and search engines to detect what your content is about.

Benefits of Using LSI Keywords

1. Helps to prevent your content from being labelled as Spam. 2. Improve Search Engine Ranking. 3. Increase Content Credibility. 4. Decrease Bounce Rates. 5. Increase Blog Authority.

How to find LSI keywords

The three best tools to find LSI Keyword, through which you can easily search for LSI keyword if you want.


Google Search


The most common and easiest way to find related keywords is Google search. When you find your Main Keyword by doing keyword research, then search it in Google.

LSI Graph


The most popular tool for finding LSI keywords is the LSI graph; with it, you can quickly and simply obtain a list of LSI keywords for free.

Keyword Kag


With the help of Keyword Kag, you can also check the search volume for LSI keywords and search for keywords based on question, product information, preposition, etc.

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