The process by which a website owner redirects users and search engine robots from one URL to another is known as redirection.

Types of Redirection

1. 301 Moved Permanently 2. 302 Found (HTTP 1.1) / Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.0) 3. 307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 Only)

301 Redirection

When we pass the old URL of one of our webpages to a new URL on Permanent Redirect then it is called 301 Redirection. 

301 Moved Permanently

In 301 Redirection, if a user or search engine bots click on our old URL, then they are automatically redirected to the new URL.

302 Redirection

When one of our webpages is redirected to another URL on Temporary Base then it is called 302 Redirection.

It's used because if you're working on one webpage (i.e., it's in maintenance mode), visitors who visit that webpage at that time will be redirected to another URL on Temporary Base.

302 Found (HTTP 1.1) / Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.0)

307 Redirection

The 307 Redirection is similar to the 302 Redirection in that it is also used for Temporary Redirection of a webpage. When you temporarily move content, 307 Redirection is used. Crawlers typically equate 307 to 302.

307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 Only)

When to do Redirection?

You'll need to permanently redirect all pages on the old domain to their locations on the new domain if you're rebranding and moving from one domain to another.

1. When moving domains

You'll need to permanently redirect old URLs to new URLs if you're merging multiple websites into one.

If you're making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS (which is highly recommended), you'll need to redirect all non-secure (HTTP) pages and resources to their secure (HTTPS) counterparts.

2. When merging websites

3. When switching to HTTPS

You'll need to use a temporary redirect if you're running a temporary promotion and want to send visitors from to

If you're removing content from your website, redirect the URL to a relevant, similar page as soon as possible. This ensures that any backlinks to the old page are still counted in SEO.

4. When running a promotion

5. When deleting pages

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