What is WordPress?

It is an open-source Content Management System that helps you to create a blog or website in the simplest way. WordPress is the easiest one to understand, i.e. you can build your website without typing a single line of code or knowing anything about the HTML commands.

What are the types of Wordpress ?

There are two types of WordPress 1. WordPress.com   2. WordPress.org.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is an online platform where you can create a website or start a blog for free. The primary function of WordPress.com is to make sure that your website is of high quality, free of spam and securely hosted for free.

What is Wordpress.org?

WordPress.org is a self-hosted open-source platform. In WordPress.org you need a domain name and hosting to create a blog or website.

Is WordPress Free?

Is WordPress Easy to Learn?

Bring an open-source software, WordPress is free. But you need to spend money on web hosting and domain names.

Yes! Even if you come from a non-technical environment and have no idea about coding, you can still manage WordPress.

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