Why is blog commenting beneficial for SEO?

01. Enhances the chances of internal linking

You can include an internal link in your comments when responding to questions.  Internal linking is excellent for boosting the reach and traffic to your website, as well as for improving website performance.

02. Establishes Relationship

Blog commenting allows industry professionals and social media enthusiasts to share their ideas and get answers to their questions. As a result, a strong relationship forms between blog authors and readers/viewers.

03. Comments Increase Traffic

When other bloggers or smart social minds leave comments on a blog, it drives greater traffic to the post. Any backlink, bookmark, re-tweet, or social media post texted by readers in the comments section increases organic traffic to the web page.

04. Recognition of Brands

The target audience is drawn in by blogging or blog comments that are made in a certain specialty. As a result, when a person reads a blog of interest, the content and brand name occupy a space in their mind for future recall.

05. Aids in the creation of backlinks

Commenting on blogs for backlinks is a successful SEO strategy. When a blog reader or viewer comments on other people's blogs, they can leave a backlink to his website.