1. SearchWP

2. Relevanssi

It is one of the most popular WordPress search plugins. On small and medium-sized websites, it aims to  enhance the accuracy, speed, and experience of the search feature.

For websites with top-tier hosting plans and a lot of storage, it works best. To locate and sort results, Relevanssi uses a partial-relevance algorithm.

3. Jetpack Search

4. Ivory search

In many ways, Jetpack Search can make the search better. It supports millions of queries, indexes your content in real-time, and displays search results instantly.

One of the best and most useful custom search plugins for developers that prefer to customise every aspect of their website is ivory search.

5. Advanced Woo Search

6. Ajax Search

This plugin indexes your product listings so that it can quickly and accurately respond to simple and sophisticated phrasal searches.

Ajax Search is a WordPress plugin that integrates a live search engine into your website and is very customisable.

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