Wordfence is a free WordPress security plugin that offers amazing features and will stop hackers from breaching your website. It comes with a complete WordPress firewall, Powerful malware scanner, exploit detection, and threat assessment features.

iTheme Security


iThemes Security is a security plugin for WordPress designed to keep hackers out. It comes with some exciting features file integrity checks, security hardening, limit login attempts, strong password enforcement, 404 detections, brute force protection, and more.

All in one WP Security


It is a powerful WordPress security auditing, monitoring, and firewall plugin that includes features such as login lockdown to prevent brute force attacks, file integrity monitoring, IP filtering, user account monitoring, database injection scanning, and more.

Anti-Malware security


Anti-Malware Security is another useful WordPress anti-malware and security plugin. The plugin comes with actively maintained definitions which help it find the most common threats. Its main goal is to stop malware from infecting your website.



Defender offers an impressive range of security features for no cost. Malware scans, brute-force login protection, threat notifications, and two-factor authentication through Google are also included in the free version.



Sucuri is the best WordPress security plugin for protecting your site against various threats. Security activity auditing, remote malware scanner, file integrity monitoring, and overall WordPress security hardening are the four main features of this free WordPress Security plugin.

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